Property Management

Why Meet with URBANA RE About Property Management Service?

Management of a property can be a full-time job, but it does NOT have to be. URBANA RE can help you get on with what’s important in your life while giving you peace of mind concerning your investment. Plus our management fees are a FLAT-RATE, making it affordable to protect your property. Not sure if you need a property manager; ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I know the steps to setting up a rental property legally in my state, county, and city?
  • Do I know if there are license or certificates needed to become a landlord in my state?
  • Do I know how to check and evaluate credit, criminal, and rental history to screen potential tenants? Does my evaluation and decision violate any Fair Housing Laws?
  • Do I have access and experience with the most up to date lease forms and addendums needed for my state to ensure my lease is binding?
  • Does my lease terms conflict with any up to date Fair Housing Laws or state requirements?
  • Does my advertising violate any Federal or State Fair Housing Laws?
  • Do I have on-call emergency maintenance in place for my tenant?
  • Do I have a state resident agent as required for nonresident landlords?
  • Do I know legally what are my responsibilities regarding repairs, notices, and other correspondence to my tenant?
  • Does my tenant clearly know their responsibility per their lease?
  • What is the Fair Market Value for property?
  • Do I know what to do legally if a tenant stops paying rent?
  • Do I have the ability to keep track of repairs, file 1099s, and other financial documents needed for tax purposes at the end of the year?
90 Day Risk Free Trial
Your home is a very important investment and you need to feel comfortable leaving it in the hands of a reliable and experienced expert. We understand and offer our new clients a 90 Day Risk Free Trial with our URBANA RE property management services. Cancel anytime within the 90 days with no penalty. It’s that simple.

Lease Preparation
The most up to date state approved lease is prepared by a licensed agent. This also includes lease renewals and month-to-month lease. Both the property owner and tenant are given the opportunity to review and sign the documents. Then all documents are sent simultaneously to all parties for their records.

Rent Collection

Rent is collected by URBANA RE on behalf of the property owner three ways through, these include the online Tenant Portal, mail delivery, and walk-in during normal business hours. Once the rent payment is made by the tenant, the client will receive a monthly statement and the funds will be automatically deposited into the clients’ bank account of choice.

Direct Deposit

When the client establishes an account with URBANA RE they will complete the Direct Deposit Form with the information of the bank account of their choice. The account provided will be where the client receives the automatic deposit of the funds from each month’s rental payment.


There will be maintenance request from the tenant. URBANA RE offers multiple ways from tenants to submit request. These include the online Tenant Portal, email, and fax. We also handle scheduling, contractor meetings, and follow-up as necessary. If you have your own contractor or home warranty company, we are happy to work with them. Please review our services for tenants and owners concerning maintenance.

Tenant - Emergencies such as flooding, exposed wiring, etc. will be addressed immediately by URBANA RE personnel. Tenants have 24hr access to report emergencies. Everyday maintenance request are submitted though the “Maintenance” option on the Tenant Portal. Once a request is submitted, the Maintenance. The Manager will proceed to have repairs completed by either contacting the home warranty (if applicable) or by sending a work request to our preferred contractors.


Owner - If maintenance is requested by the client, URBANA RE will inform the tenant of the upcoming repairs and arrange communication between the contractor and the tenant for scheduling access to the property. If the property is vacant URBANA RE will provide access into the property for owner approved vendor services.

Personal Online Account

Property Owners want to have access to statements and invoices and tenants need to be able to submit maintenance, and other relevant information. This information needs to be tracked and time stamped to ensure proficient service is given. The best way to track this is through our online system for both property owners and tenants. Please review services for both property owners and tenants.

Tenant - Each tenant receives an account to make monthly rental payments, submit maintenance request, and view statements.

Owner - Each property owner receives an account to check property statements.

Secure Cloud-Based Storage

All files and documents are filed on a secure Cloud base storage. This ensures better privacy and security to both property owner’s and tenant’s documentation than the traditional in-house server systems.

Property Inspections

Periodic property inspections are scheduled and completed on average every six months from the start date of the lease.

Inspections are to ensure the tenant is properly caring for the property and to verify that maintenance or repairs are not needed.

URBANA RE knows lease agreements. From the tenants’ responsibilities, to the owners’ responsibilities we don’t miss a beat. So don’t worry we got your back. We ensure that we keep all your “ducks in a row ” while remaining fair to both you and your tenant.

Full property management with URBANA RE is just that, COMPLETE. This means your management fee covers legal cost associated with an eviction of your tenant.

URBANA RE provides quality customer service and property management at a Flat-Rate Fee. For additional information please feel free to contact URBANA RE for a free in-home consultation.
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